Friday, 1 June 2012

We've only just begun..... to liiiii-detox!

Hello Friend,

Ok first day of detox for me and Mrs Professor today. Started the day out bright with a charming breakfast of slightly taste challenged porridge with lovely stewed apple and 'forrest' berry. I don't really understand porridge - if it looks like baby vomit and tastes like baby.... well you get the idea.

Anyway I'm on calorie king now, off bread, dairy, coffee and alcohol etc for a week and I'm eating good stuff. Only a few hours in at this stage, so haven't had my snack of raw nuts yet but you better believe that's a coming.

And I am cheating for lunch as a team member is leaving work so we're having lunch out. But I'll go the healthy option, whatever the pub down the road pretends is in any way healthy.

I'm not really too worried about missing out, really I'm not. I just need to install some sense of discipline for the first time in 30 years. But fear not dear readers, this moderately love handled tall drink of sweetwater will not rest until the transformation into MegaGeorge Clooney (without the smugness) is complete! Or perhaps a not-as-muscled up Christian Bale (without as many angry outbursts).

Yours Detoxingly,
Prof Dave


  1. Hi Professor Dave,
    Good luck with your detox, I too once gave up the caffeine for some months and let me tell you, it was a far more difficult challenge than alcohol, which ive found i can only abstain from for perhaps one week. Get used to a low level headache and general vagueness at all times, but then perhaps no one could notice the difference..
    Professor S.

  2. Professor D,

    You dare to enrage the caffeine gods? I wish you luck. And perhaps you'd care to peruse another blog in between withdrawal retches:

    Professor V, PhV.