Friday, 22 June 2012

It was just so Vivid

Hey nonny know,

Please take yourselves back to a few weeks ago, as this post was meant to be posted then but I thought it had deleted before I could save and only now just discovered it in drafts! All hail drafts!

Braved the cold and went out the Sydney Vivid Light Festival on saturday night with the rest of the state. Lubed up with a few drinks and met some mates and had some laffs and ventured down to begin at Customs House.

All I can say is Mega Super Amazeballs all round!!

Basically this was a living, breathing, animated cartoon tale of Sydney's ins and outs from sunrise to sunset and everything in between. Alarms went off, a man hit his snooze button on the left of the building while a lady hopped into the shower on the right. Trains left their stations while little ant people got on and off. Little dots were playing tennis while another man was still contemplating which tie to wear for the day. A huge jet streamed across the sky while cartoon people walked back and forth on daily adventures. Another man appeared to be doing a boxing class for some reason while a bi-plane reminiscent of the Red Baron (???) flew over. Suddenly the sky darkened and rain and hail bucketed the city while people fled. With the riff raff washed away, the sun returned to start a new phase.... A truly incredibly achievement. The way the building seemingly shifted and moved in front of your eyes was truly mindblowing. Almost as if one has taken some sort of hallucinogen....

Yours Trippingly,

Prof Dave

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