Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Curtains! (Almost)

Morning Class,

Well here I am in my last week of my job for which I have been slaving away, fraternising with the species, learning new and exciting skills on how to look like I've done more work than I actually have, for the last 3+ years.

There's been ups and there's been downs.
Like the time I got caught stealing calculators (a misunderstanding) but escaped exposure due to reverse blackmailing my accuser about eating other people's food in the fridge.
Or loudly drunkenly enquiring 'who's bag is this?' on a boat on a drunken work night out repeatedly until realising, yes, the bag was mine.
The free shapes? Who can forget them, many a morning spent on multiple shameless/shameful trips back to the kitchen for more, more, MORE!

I will miss the peeps (some of hehe), those funny people that you spend most of your day with but take a loooong time to get to know. For me anyway... But will also be glad to say goodbye to some of those more annoying idiosyncracies. (eheheheheheh! repeat x10!!)

I movin on out to chase a new horizon, one that is golden and warm, carressing this little black duck with the inspirational sun rays of opportunity.

Stay tuned for more when settled in my new abode.

Yours Leavingly,
Prof Dave