Friday, 8 June 2012

Aaaah! (good aaah)

As I write this, I'm sipping into my first decaf extra hot flat white with one IN A WEEK! It's good. Sweet. Exxxxtra hot. Piping even.

Just on the 'extra hot' thing, is it not a grave indictment on our society when one has to engage additional oxygen to order their coffee EXTRA HOT just to receive the beverage (shock, horror) hot? Because that's been my experience in Sydders, and at the risk of sounding petty its simply unacceptable.

Prior to my 'extra hot' existence I was but a naive fool thinking that when you orded a coffee, it would arrive in it's traditional temperature of HOT. Not molten lava - I'm not mental or anything, but hot enough that you can't shove it all down your filthy gullet in one go and it warms your heart.

What a fool I was. I found that in most places you'd get served up some coffee substance barely warm or even LUKE warm, god help us. At first I thought 'Well I'm sure it's just a one off, they're having a bad day'. But it happened again and again AND YET AGAIN, like some Groundhog Day cafe scene in hell.

I even heard of some demented individuals ordering their coffee's as warm because it was too hot. Heavens!

Screw this town.

Yours Pipingly
Prof Dave

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  1. As anyone who has ever operated a coffee machine knows, the temperature of the water has to be set to certain degree so as not to "burn" the coffee which produces that bitter taste. One simply can't go changing the temperature at will to suit each and every customer's whim!
    However i would suggest that your unfortunately cool beveridge is due to the person not waiting until the temperature of the water is at optimum level, but starts to serve willy-nilly! Throw it back in their face I say! If its not hot enough they've got nothing to complain about eh?
    Professor Sus