Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hearing Impaired Land Mass

Finally my copy of 'Silent Hill HD collection' arrived from Taiwan or wherever yesterday and I got stuck into Silent Hill 2 on my trusty noisy PS3.

For those not in the know, Silent Hill is a franchise of 'survival horror' games characterised by weird settings and alternate realities, violent beings seemingly from YOUR OWN NIGHTMARES. And all you have to battle these things is a plank with a rusty nail on the end.

Initially I thought 'this sucks' as the control scheme is incredibly archaic and the graphics, while nicely HDerized, are still very PS2-like. Also the first 20 minutes are just spent running around a deserted forest and town.

However once I happened upon an abandoned apartment block and was wandering around in the dark, I started to feel that familiar uneasy feeling when I couldn't see shit but I could hear distant shuffling combined with sparse scary chords of the soundtrack.

I entered a dark room with my breath held. I could see light. Also an image which curdled my blood and warded off future hiccups for the remainder of 2012. A woman's torso. Stock still. AAAH! Upon further inspection it turned out to be a valuable torch hanging around a mannequin body. Perfectly normal.

This is the appeal of Silent Hill.

Yours, Brown Pantsingly

Prof Dave

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