Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Blue 32! Blue 32! Hut Hut!

Hi Funsters,

I recently turned 32. Yay.

Have I wasted my life, or has my life wasted me?

If I could atleast grow a cool beard now please? It doesn't need to be Kurt Russell from 'The Thing' awesome (even though that would be awesome), but perhaps some sort of nicely groomed Johnny Depp type thing.

I take full responsibility for any personal feelings of any regret ofcourse, but I also blame society and nature itself for filling me with the expectations of:

A) Being rich
B) Being Successful in business or chosen profession
C) Being a movie/rock star or adored avante garde artist swimming in Dom Perignon and busty beauties.
D) Growing a cool beard

I haven't even really had the chance to 'sell out' like people do in the movies. Push my 'morals' down deep for the sake of hundreds and thousands (not the biscuits). I'd be happy to give that a go, because then once you've obtained the riches you can always turn to the religion of the month for a quick drive thru born again session forgiveness meal thank you come again.

Please don't take the above too seriously, it's just the cold of winter getting to me.

Yours 32ingly,
Prof Dave

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