Thursday, 16 August 2012

JackBlack Funeral

Hi There Students,

We'll we've underperformed at the Olympics according to certain sections of the media, and Olypmics kingpin John Coates has predictably come out questioning people's 'commitment' and bleating over insufficient public purse funding.

The pool wasn't as kind to us as it was in previous years, but seeing as though we seem to transitioning the 'old' (elite athletes on the wrong end of their 20s - OMG!) with the new (elite athletes who may just not be as outstanding as Thorpedo or canHackett) was this really a surprise?

Lets be mature enough to realise at the last 3 olympics we've been punching well above our weight, and now the reality chickens have come home to roost. Besides does all our previous success in ' olympic shooting' really count? It's not exactly pole vaulting or running really fast is it. Any 'sport' that you can feasably do with a hip flask in your pocket and a ciggie in your gob doesn't hold much water with the Professor.

Watched a great new movie the other day called Bernie.

Jack Black stars as a mild mannered good samaritan Funeral Director in the good ol boy south. He excels in all areas of funeral directing, specialising in comforting and befriending little old grieving widows. One such widow is a super rich, super bitch Shirley Maclaine..... to say any more would travel into Spoilerville TX.

This one is a real winner that excels in seamlessly driting between comedy and drama. IMO this is Jack Black's finest performance to date. He absolutely nails this character and carries the whole movie brilliantly. Bernie loves singing hymns and performing in musicals, so watching tubby JB sing and dance around gaily is a delight.

This is also based on a true story and seamlessly splices in to-camera interviews from actual townspeople.

Can't reccomend this enough - 4/5.

Your's Blessyoursoulingly,
Prof Dave

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